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Where have I been?

I not only have a background in Design, but I also have obtained Art, Media, Branding, Marketing, PR and Outsourcing management experience. As a designer, I worked for a top 500 company brand design department and won several international awards which include iF communication award Gold winner (2010), reddot communication award (2009) and output international award (2003). In my other side, I worked as an International Analyst for National Mental Warfare in Taiwan, and I worked as a Marketing Specialist and the International Column Writer for VMAN, ARCH and Esquire magazine.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Are you a dreamer who dreaming a dream for life? There are million dreamers around the world. As a designer in this program, I actually provide the solution and the analysis for all different brands and clients. This Masters course is an upgrade in process for my background, expanding my ability to raise a concept going through research, analysis and business model to an Innovation while managing this rise properly. Why MA Innovation Management? Or you should change your question to why not MA innovation management?

Where am I going?

There is an ongoing trend: brands and consulting agencies will keep less and less core strategic members inside and collaborate with outside talents, experts and innovations. There is a gap between the insider and outsider in the future business model. I am becoming a Connector, acting as the bridge to fill in this gap scenario.

My Contributions