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United Kingdom

Where have I been?

In a former life,  I trained as a footwear designer and product developer for the fashion industries. Like media and entertainment, fashion now unfolds across several platforms, with different audiences and levels of taste. Yet, fashion is merely an extension of how we want to be perceived by others. It is our armour as much as it is our nemesis. It can reflect our moods, our passions, even our beliefs. I have continued to write for several fashion blogs including as well as for the CSM blog. Personally, fashion is having fun and outwardly expressing the fickle flux of ever-changing trends. For me life is not a dress rehearsal, wear what you want, when you want.

Why MA Innovation Management?

I am passionate about combining creativity with business strategy. Over time my role within design became primarily limited to realising commercial marketability rather than considered ideation and innovation within the sector. I became increasingly interested in the power of brand strategy and product-led innovation.

Where am I going?

The need for analytical thinking and a good instinct for the current consumer goods market are increasingly evident. I thrive in a forward-thinking environment where initiative is welcome and ideas are shared. As an individual I have strong self-awareness and a desire to be challenged continuously. A passion for learning and personal development allows me to be flexible in any given role. I want an opportunity to thrive as an individual. I prefer not to merely “think outside the box”, but rather consider it obsolete

My Contributions