More about me


Germany, Bavaria

Where have I been?

Growing up with the particular smell of printing ink in the families local newspaper and printing factory, I got early in touch with graphic arts and this old industry. Steadily my interest rose to become a designer by my self. As a consequence I study and obtain my communication design degree from the Academy U5, one of the best advertising and graphic design schools in Germany, based in Munich. After three years of education, a six months internship at Saatchi & Saatchi Germany followed.
After that, I decided to leave my comfort zone and followed my dream to explore the design scenery of Latin America. As “El Grafigo” (fusion of the words Grafico and Gringo) I knocked on the doors of agencies, studios and artists from Mexico until the edge of Patagonia. I have been working for BBH Neogama Brazil, Lowe Colombia, FoxTelecolombia, Grey/G2 Peru, Jotabequ Costa Rica and for the upcoming action Artist Hernain Bravo. It was a remarkable experience. Besides learning about design and working differences in each country, I got to know culture, communication and management diversity. I realised the importance of having a whole understanding of how industries work, I went back to school and studied 3 years business administration at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. 

Why MA Innovation Management?

There were a few reasons which lead me to decide to study Innovation Management. The first, I have seen my family’s printing business slowly being overtaken by new technologies and medias. The second, working as an independent graphic designer for entrepreneurs with innovative business plans, I have witnessed many a great idea fail and thirdly, my restlessness of one day opening my own innovation agency. All theses factors guided me to leave home and to start studying at CSM.

Where am I going?

Where new solutions are needed.