More about me



Zurich, Switzerland

Where have I been?

I have been working for several years in the finance and insurance sector in Zurich, Switzerland, where I was involved in product development projects that allowed me to gain a good understanding about client needs and the development of technical requirements. The participation at a Design Thinking Project raised my interested to human centred design approaches for the development of new products and services, which led to the decision of starting a master in innovation management.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Not only as a student but also as a customer I believe that we are constantly overwhelmed by products, services and their advertisements. The fact that life has become increasingly technology-dependent has exacerbated this problem, especially pertaining to information-overload. People are therefore longing for simplicity and usability without having to deal with endless providers and technical barriers. I believe that providing people with a seamless consumer experience is key in building customer loyalty.

Where am I going?

MA Innovation Management allowed me to build the capabilities to understand business practices and market trends in order to develop customer experiences that connect to brands. I am focusing on digital customer experiences with the aim to support creative entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.