More about me



USA (Los Angeles, California) – has lived in London since 2003 – also a Hungarian national

Where have I been?

Sipos read Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine and in 1999 moved to San Francisco, where she discovered the world of industrial design and took her first class through Art Center satellite, taught by Jon Guerra at Astro Studios.  In 2003 she moved to London to study Product Design at Central Saint Martins.  A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and an award-winning designer, Sipos’s work is imbued with meaningful historical context and narrative and she is passionate about the use of beautiful materials and exquisite craftsmanship to last generations, which, in her opinion, is true sustainability.  Her favourite brief during year 1 of the master’s course was “Re-discovering the River Fleet,” a service design project, which introduced her to the world of social innovation.

Why MA Innovation Management:

Attempting to create an ‘innovation intelligence’ merger between arts & humanities and the sciences, Sipos hopes to benefit and provoke not only corporate and government organisations, but academia as well with her findings in relation to ‘creative intelligence’ (i.e. design thinking, processes) and ‘scientific intelligence’ (i.e. experimentation, observation).

Where am I going?  Caroline aspires to be a creative director in industry or remain in academia to further unveil and overturn the gap between design and science.  She is also captivated by the 1930’s and the role women, design and technology played during this era.