More about me

Who am I?

I am a graphic designer and ran an art studio in Beijing, China. My two-year adventure in London ignited my passion and curiosity to embrace new opportunities and experiment in a dynamic and multi-cultural world.

What did I do?

I explored the tension and interplay within client-consultancy relationships in innovation consultancies. My research looked into the social role of consultancies in communicating and generating shared knowledge to manage effective relationships and ensure innovative outcomes.

To improve the consultation process, I created a co-designing framework with a playful, design-based culture. By conceptualising managers from both sides as designers, the joint design experience becomes more contingent and reflective. I recommend this framework to small, multi-disciplinary teams that are facilitated in a physically playful space. The ongoing interplay and tension during the process is key to the impact of the relationship, thus determining its innovation capabilities.

My skills and abilities

As an innovation manager, I am an enabler and a catalyst, injecting new ideas into traditional consulting models and rational problem solving processes. My design sensibility and practice provides valuable resources for the business landscape, and through exploration I unlock new knowledge and creativity.

My Contributions