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Spain / Germany

Why MA Innovation Management?

Most of the people with my profile would do an MBA to further their education, but doing an MBA felt to me like a repetition of my undergraduate course in business. Due to my personality and interests I decided that a move from a risk oriented type of work to a more opportunity oriented type of thinking is more enriching for myself as well as for future value creation. For that purpose the Masters degree of Innovation Management at the highly renowned university of Central Saint Martins offers the perfect add-on to extend my analytical mindedness to a more self-directed and creative out-of-the-box business direction.   Where am I going? I will use my old and new set of skills to move into the opportunity field within any kind of business. I want to start working for a smaller company that is willing to leave the comfort zone, takes risks and embraces the future open-mindedly and in a human-centred way.