More about me

Who am I?

Coming from an accounting background, I worked in the financial controlling field for 2 years before this program. In an epiphany, the little rebellious part of me emerged and I decided to explore the hidden potential within myself.

What did I do?

My research investigated the possibility of improving user experiences on indie music labels’ and musicians’ own digital platforms by incorporating service design thinking.

With the rise of digital music, previous industrialised practices of recorded music have been drastically modified. The dematerialisation of physical mediums to carry the music has also amplified the industry’s transition from product-based to service-oriented.

Indie music has adhered to the ideology of challenging the old realm and proactively engaging their listeners. Applying this indie spirit to service design thinking, a user-centric approach is emphasised. I believe that this mindset can be employed on indie digital platforms to carve out unique indie experiences.

My skills and abilities

I used to hold an analytical attitude towards figures. For me, embarking on this journey towards innovation was full of uncertainties. As a Phoenix, I’m not afraid of positioning myself in an unknown area, swiftly prototyping various ideas and constantly embracing new possibilities.

My Contributions