More about me




Where have I been?

Born into an Indian family and raised in Belgium I have adapted to multiple cultures. I then moved to New York to pursue my four-year undergraduate study in Interior Design at Pratt Institute. I then worked as an assistant art director at Acropolis DMG (a production design company) has taught me how to breathe life into an idea. Enthused by this global upbringing, I was inspired to move to London and pursue a Masters Degree. I will always be keen on exploring through experimenting in various fields and locations as well as realising the value of culture.

Why MA Innovation Management?

Coming from a design background, I always wanted to acquire business skills but also learn how to take risks and experiment to grow as a person. I knew this course would allow me to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and give me an opportunity to go beyond classroom learning to facing real life challenges.

Where am I going?

I aim to be a successful entrepreneur that manages her own innovations by learning from the various cultural perspectives.