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Who am I?

My multicultural background and diverse experience within the entertainment industry have shaped my entrepreneurial skill set. I elaborate creativity and mobilisation in order to carve out successful new niches.

What did I do?

Enterprises in the food service industry are changing at an ever-increasing pace in order to stay in tune with consumer must-haves and drive businesses forward. My research explored the competitive landscape within the restaurant industry; an environment where conventions are easily challenged and imagination can flourish independent of systemised operations.

Although trends change, the fundamental business principle of knowing your customer experience and keeping them happy remains the same. My proposed outline emphasises the driving forces of effective business modeling and design thinking to sustain growth and popularity of a start up. Seeking new innovative concepts often requires peeling back the layers and revisiting the basics.

My skills and abilities

As a Practivist, it is in my nature to push boundaries and foster new environments of innovation. My entrepreneurial spirit allows me to grasp opportunities and unfold them in a consistent manner. Through creating new and flexible frameworks for start ups, I’m redefining business development in a multidisciplinary facet.

What I'm Talking About

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