More about me



Where have I been?

I graduated in architectural science at Politecnico di Milano in 2013 and started to work as an architect in Italy straight after. However, after a few months of working experience, my passion for design and art direction drove me to intern and afterwards to freelance in an office based in London. During that period I worked on art direction for fashion retail and I realised that my biggest interests were research and experimentation in the fashion field. In the course of this employment, I was given the opportunity to develop concepts for several fashion brands which were later implemented by major designers as windows and store installations. Furthermore, this type of work has awaken my fascination for the velocity that fashion needs to evolve, in order to define and innovate new realities through its connection with history, art, society, culture and many other factors. 

Why MA Innovation Management?

After realizing that I wanted to deepen this subject, my decision to attend this MA was due to my desire of connecting innovation and experimentation in art direction (subjects that I was already familiar with thanks to previous studies and working experiences) with innovation in a business context. As I have discovered the world of Design to be my passion, a MA specializing in this particular topic that is part of the Culture and Enterprise programme at Central Saint Martins was exactly what I was looking for. Moreover, I am convinced of the fact that no matter the enterprise, there always needs to be a strong connection between design, administration and economy in order to create innovation and overcome complications. MAIM is helping me to understand how to implement this with strategies such as design thinking, trend forecasting, problem-solving and opportunity development. 
Last but not least, the chance of constantly working with people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds is one of the fundamental factors that is enriching me both personally and professionally.  

Where am I going?

Where I wish to go is where my passion is, so I will keep working in the creative industry. As an innovation manager my purpose will be to develop new scenarios alongside creative individuals which will be of relevance for the growth and the evolution of the field in which I will operate.