More about me


Who am I?

Born in Brazil, I have always liked to travel and learn about different cultures. My academic and professional background in Marketing and Design has led me to explore the world of innovation.

What did I do?

My research discussed the role of the consumer and the crowd in fostering disruptive innovation. It sought to understand the impact of this emergent culture of sharing, participating and collaborating. The role of the consumer as we know it is changing. It has shifted from being passive to being increasingly connected and engaged. Successful organisations have spotted this shift, and are crowdsourcing tasks that were once only performed by the company. In order to research the elements of this relationship, an entrepreneurial initiative was implemented by designing a website promoting the exchange of content created by users. The understanding and facilitation of this relationship between consumers, products and organisations is crucial in connecting cross-disciplinary ideas.

My skills and abilities

As evident from my research topic, I value team effort and collaboration. As an approach to innovation, I stand on the edges and boundaries of the worlds of Design & Creativity and Business. By doing so, I strategically and creatively connect cross-disciplinary ideas.

My Contributions