More about me




Where have I been?

I studied Chemistry and Journalism. I’ve been a Copywriter, Producer and Editor for some of the most important channels in Latin America: HBO, Cinemax, Sony Entertainment Television, FOX, FX, Universal Channel, Nat Geo and MovieCity. I lived in Argentina for 5 years. I have performed different roles in a freelance capacity: Journalist, Researcher, Branding Strategist, Project Manager, Creative Director and Designer for my personal brand: Objetitos. I am a big photography, cinema and television fan. Also I’m the editor of the blog: The Procrastinator (some) Times, and the main singer of my imaginary band “The Overthinkers” and

Why MA Innovation Management?

I chose Innovation Management to make connections between the territories of creativity, culture, philosophy, and the less explored ones of business, strategy and innovation. My goal is to make meaningful things happen.

Where am I going?

After my MAIM journey I can say that I want to specialize in translating cultural insights and manage information to create meaningful strategies, powerful brands, and new business opportunities across online and offline platforms.