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Where have I been?

With an international background and fluent in four languages, I have had the opportunity to work across several countries and continents in Sales and Marketing from starts ups to multinationals. I particularly enjoy business development and love making new friends in the process.

Why MA Innovation Management?

After 10 years of experience in the working world I found myself questioning many of the managerial processes I came across. I chose to return to studies to share my knowledge but more importantly to learn from staff, peers and colleagues. I am interested in how we can all work together in making changes that will affect our future as well as the future of several generations to come in a positive manner with a long term perspective in mind.

Where am I going?

At this point it is a little early to tell as I have just been in the program for a few weeks. But so far I am absolutely enthusiastic about the staff and my peers as I grasp the unmistakable importance of Innovation Managers in the process of innovation for a better today and tomorrow.

“The Future of Innovation is What We Imagined it to Be” Aino Kianto, in The Future of Innovation, Edited by Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova.

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