More about me

Skype: agata.ballaun



Where have I been?

I graduated in Public Relations and Media Marketing studies at University of Warsaw. I also attended culture studies and anthropology courses at the same institution. As a participant of the Erasmus study exchange programme, I spent half a year in Spain, which was an amazing opportunity and experience.

With humanistic and theoretical marketing knowledge, I decided to find a professional connection between these fields which would allow me to implement wide solutions in companies. I worked as a Public Relations/advertising manager in a multinational automotive company. I was also a film reviewer, journalist, and a personal assistant of a Polish artist.

Why MA Innovation Management?

In everything I have done I have been passionate about creating and inventing new ways of acting. With an interest both in culture and marketing, I have been trying to find a synergic field.

Searching for my own path of career, I found Innovation Management course at Central Saint Martins, which I hope will broaden my mind and enrich my skills.

Where am I going?

I would love to put art, culture and business together, in order to create progressive business anthropology, and to implement human-friendly solutions, based on a cultural background. Still searching for new opportunities.