Matthew Locsin: Innovation and Strategy Consultant at Doblin

Matt Locsin Design
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Matthew Locsin, Innovation and Strategy Consultant at Doblin, will come on stage tonight, 24 June, for our conference to share his perspective on innovation. We are expecting an irreverent, aggressive talk.

Matt is a Director at Doblin, where he leads the firm’s European practice for innovation, strategy, and innovation effectiveness. Matt leads Doblin & client teams to conceive, develop, and launch ‘what’s next’ and helps organizations to instill their own innovation competencies.


His experience to date spans sectors such as auto manufacturing, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, defense, energy, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, media, retail, and telecommunications.


He received a Masters of Design from the Institute of Design, IIT and also holds a BFA from Syracuse University. He holds adjunct faculty positions at The Institute of Design and Northwestern University.



Can you use three words to describe yourself?





What is the biggest innovation ever to you?

Autocatalytic evolution of cells – that we are all made of cells – everything that we are, that we hold, that we use, all came from a cell.


Where do you find inspirations?

Outside and from other people.


Who do you want to have dinner with?

My two best friends, one is dead and one is alive.


What would you like to say to your 20-year-old self?

Get your head out of your ass, actually keep it in there you’re not done baking yet!


What’s your favourite secret spot in London?

Little Venice – Rembrandt Gardens

This is my home this is my grass, after moving my family from a comfortable life in Chicago.