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Deirdre Walters, Partner at Untapped Innovation, answers some questions about innovation, inspiration and her 20-year-old self before she will come on stage as a speaker for our conference “Through the Kaleidoscope” on 24 June.

Deirdre is partner at Untapped Innovation, but also a chemistry graduate, member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and guest lecturer on innovation at Central Saint Martins. She is fascinated by the diversity of her clients and enjoys working with them to reduce innovation uncertainty, translating complex consumer and technology insights into actionable business recommendations.



Can you use three words to describe yourself?
Focused, interested in other people (more than 1 word, I know), connector (people, things, ideas), unable to use 1 word for anything (I’m Irish).


What is the biggest innovation ever to you?
Bumble & Bumble tinted dry shampoo (I’m not going grey, honest!), Spotify for introducing me to new artists that I would never find on my own and Lego for the most amazing attention to detail in product design.


Where do you find inspirations?
I devour magazines on any topic and I’m always cutting things out and sticking them by my desk or into a scrapbook; doing something that is tactile fires up my right brain far more than anything online or on an app.
Eavesdropping & people watching – you never know what you’ll learn!


Who do you want to have dinner with?
Matthew McConaughey (well, you did ask!) or Holly Tucker from Not On The High Street.


What would you like to say to your 20-year-old self?
Everything is changing, all the time. Do the work you enjoy doing here & now and everything else will fall into place.


What’s your favourite secret spot in London?
Dolly Rock Boutique in St. Margarets; Beth, the owner, knows her clients inside out and finds the loveliest pieces that are different to the usual high street spots.
Not hugely secret spaces, but the Design Museum and the Southbank are great spots for soaking up the creative talents of lots of different people.



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