Through the Kaleidoscope: Perspectives on Innovation Management

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The class of MAIM 2016 invites you to follow us on a journey through the kaleidoscope, exploring perspectives on innovation management. In the lead up to our degree show at Central Saint Martins from the 22nd to the 26th of June, we will be sharing our individual perspectives on innovation management. This post will introduce the concept of this year’s show, Through the Kaleidoscope: Perspectives on Innovation Management.

Our experiences over the past two years have confirmed to us what a wide-range of literature has expressed: the importance of diversity in perspectives in the realm of innovation. Each and every attribute of an individual, be it their cultural or disciplinary background, influences their perspective on the world. This leads us to a reality where two individuals can, in theory, produce two entirely unique ways of solving a problem. The amalgamation of different perspectives and skills combining to create insights and opportunities is key to innovation. In fact, this is the basis upon which the MA Innovation Management course is built; collaborative learning of diverse individuals, projecting a multitude of perspectives towards change. The ambition of this year’s MAIM degree show is to highlight the beauty of perspectives and their importance in innovation management.


In our exploration of perspectives and innovation we have come across the kaleidoscope, a captivating object that immediately struck us as expressing an important aspect of our collective vision of innovation management. This compatibility begins with the etymology of the word itself; the roots of the word kaleidoscope are primarily Greek, and can be dissected into kalos (beautiful), eidos (form) and the English word scope. The often-cited literal translation renders it the ‘observer of beautiful forms’, while figuratively it represents a continually shifting pattern. In our interpretation, beauty speaks to the optimism towards change that we embody, imagining things as they could be, rather than accepting them as unchangeable. In this way we are the observers of beautiful shapes, forms and patterns. Like the marvellous visual transformations that a kaleidoscope offers us, we are captivated by the explosion of new patterns and yet undiscovered symmetry that innovation promises.


Kaleidoscopes allow us to shake and twist reality into new patterns, giving us the freedom to explore the possibility of change. An ordinary object, like a street sign, can be fragmented into an entirely new structure, creating new patterns of arrangement and with it a new understanding of that object. In this light even the most mundane view projects wonder and intrigue. Similarly, each of our twenty-six individual projects represents a kaleidoscopic distortion of a prominent innovation issue or opportunity, emerging from our exploration both as individuals and as a collective, through work placements, personal reflection and theoretical studies. The outcome is a celebration of the kaleidoscopic perspectives formed under the umbrella of innovation management, a discourse that is colourful, diverse and continually shifting,


To learn more about our perspectives, experiences, insights and opportunities we welcome you to our upcoming Degree Show, Through the Kaleidoscope: Perspectives on Innovation Management, which will be held at Central Saint Martins from 22 to 26 June. If you want to support the cause and help us fulfil our ambition for this show, you can help us by visiting this page and assisting the process.



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