The Anti-Solutioner: I disrupt you

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The next two weeks will unveil the different facets of our fifth and final Innovation Manager: the Anti-Solutioner. Here you will be exposed to the most disruptive and provocative face of the 5 roles.

As innovation managers, we are on an endless hunt to find new ways of approaching complex and challenging problems faced by organisations. But ironically, a problem in itself is often problematic. What are the underlying systems holding the problem together? What mindsets resulted in the creation of the problem? It is time we disrupt and challenge our traditional ways of thinking, and see problems beyond its facade.

As an Anti-Solutioner, I challenge the problem solving mindsets of my fellow practitioners. I question the entire system and logic from which your problems emerge. With a multi-disciplinary personality, I offer a macro and holistic view of the situation from different perspectives. Immersing myself in complexity, I have the ability to perceive it, digest it, and translate it for others. I don’t search for solutions to problems. Instead I seek for new disruptions and new approaches, therefore leading to new creations.

Practitioners and organisations around me are drawn to my ability to see things from a fresh and wider angle, excited by the prospect of new opportunities. As I propose new systems and mindsets, society experiences progressive change. My radical approach provokes those around me, opening up new possibilities for disruptive innovation.

Stay tuned to explore more about the Anti-Solutioner as an Innovation Manager, as members of the MAIM 2015 class share their individual perspectives of this role in the following weeks.