Designing governance

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In this post, Gaia Jandelle shares her experience of using an innovative approach to design public policy. Leading up to the Degree Show she shares her perspective of the Practivist as Innovation Manager.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
Public policy is not (only) about budget cuts
You might think that innovating in the public sector is challenging. You are right.
Investigating innovation opportunities and designing prototypes for a new relationship has been the most challenging and frustrating experience of a lifetime. It is comparable to feeling like you must build Rome in one day with a team of three, while a million watch, not concerned or expecting you to fail!
Practivist is my dominant trait
Despite this, public policy is my dream choice. It is most certainly due to this perpetual dialog be-tween my ethic and civic engagement on one side and my designer’s practice and its affects on the other. A multiplicity of other character traits also emerge in specific circumstances, such as the flannerie and a necessity for a holistic, non fragmented vision of the things encountered.
Problem solving, case studies and best practices would rank in the top 3 of the notable words that are NOT part of my vocabulary.
For the past years, I was a problem solver with a creative edge
Designing public policy is often treated by designers as a product or an experience, as a fragment, a problem solving mission; something that must be entirely defined, and totally controlled.
My experience in designing local public policy has transformed my way to tackle things, my rela-tionship to time and results in a culture that is so obsessed by both.
I have progressively tried to design paths rather than processes. By this, I mean possibilities rather than controlled and ultra defined interactions. It reshuffles the way we embrace complexity, moving away from simplification, fragmentation and linearity towards an uncaring attitude towards agency, which unafraid, superimposes landmarks, symbols and directions.
To learn more about the Practvist and Gaia’s research, stay tuned for the upcoming MAIM 2015 Degree Show, taking place at Central Saint Martins in the week starting on the 24th of June.