The Practivist: I energise you

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The next two weeks will unveil the different facets of our fourth Innovation Manager role: the Practivist. Here you will learn about making the uncomfortable comfortable and moving towards change .

On our journey towards innovation, it is in our nature to push boundaries and find the utmost uncomfortable and unexpected place where wonders occur. As an innovation manager, I use my skills to manage the balance between discomfort and comfort, in order to be a personalised driver for change. I redefine organisations and societies, always seeking for the next level of engagement, the next available opportunity.

You may not be aware, but I am an active participant of the civil society and my vigorous actions advocate my professional practice. You need me – as these dual activities generate a strong and mutual dynamic that affect my practices and you. I am your provoker.

I am a motor of change. A manager at a glance, who combines and connects assets that foster new environments of innovation. I manage relationships and push them forward in a set direction of change. I deliver frameworks of action, and combine them with an appropriate flow and pace to energise you.

Stay tuned to explore more about the Practivist as an Innovation Manager, as members of the MAIM 2015 class share their individual perspectives of this role in the following weeks.