The Phoenix: I destroy your nice and perfect plans

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Following the exploration of the Morphogenesis and the Nouveau Flâneur, the next two weeks will feature the different facets of our third Innovation Manager role: the Phoenix. Here you will learn about embracing risk and uncertainty to achieve innovative outcomes.

For the past two years, the MAIM class of 2015 have explored the risks and uncertainties of innovation. For many of us, the practices that lead to innovation are uncomfortable and challenging; often provoking the conventional means of business. Being an innovation manager means to not be afraid of questioning fundamentals, and destroying “perfect” plans.

As a Phoenix, embracing risks is second nature. The Greek mythological bird inspires us to rise from the ashes of our predecessors, positioning us in a constant dynamic between creation and destruction. As an innovation manager, I combust the status quo so that new ideas can arise from its remains. Using various tools and methods, I confront challenges by destroying established systems and re-creating new ones.

I use prototyping and iteration to experiment with different ways of creating new solutions that broadens other practitioners’ comfort zones. By pushing organisations to destroy and create again and again, taking risks becomes instinctive, and opens up new opportunities for innovation.

Stay tuned to explore more about the Phoenix as an Innovation Manager, as members of the MAIM 2015 class share their individual perspectives of this role in the following weeks.