The more I wander, the more there is to wander about

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In this post, Keit Kollo offers a look into her research about technology and privacy in the future as well as insights into being an innovation manager. Leading up to the Degree Show, she shares her perspective of the Nouveau Flâneur as an Innovation Manager.

As innovation managers we face the constant challenge of explaining– who we are and what do we do. In order to take the term from being merely just another buzzword and to put it into real life context, we have developed five different roles that explain how we see ourselves. This following post will look into the role that carries the name The Nouveau Flâneur.

The Nouveau Flâneurs are wanderers, constantly exploring and questioning, sometimes with no clear intentions. Instead of concentrating on something very specific, they like to take a step back and dive into undefined areas to see what they can come back with. They see themselves as generalists in the world of specialists – sharing, igniting and molding.

My personal research has taken me from reading privacy legislations to participating in hackathons, from implementing security features in software startups to talking with cyborgs. Having a background in design, multimedia design in particular, and a passion for technology, has driven me forward to explore what privacy really means and how can we enhance privacy in the future.

Needless to say, my journey has been exciting, putting me in touch with ethical and not so ethical hackers, biohackers, makers, self-trackers, marketers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and TV studios full of developers – all helping me to open new doors and take my research further.

The greatest help has been my tutor John O’Reilly who has been encouraging me to keep exploring in order to end up with something new and exciting. When exploration is led by curiosity, there is no shame in getting lost – sometimes that’s when new and interesting things become to unravel. Even if most of my findings will never make it to my final project, they still have had a tremendous effect on me – changing how I perceive privacy, technology and the world in general. Hopefully I’ll find a different medium to bring these ideas forward and share them in the future.

As an innovation manager, I don’t think I will ever be ‘ready’- it’s the constant change that takes me forward. It seems that the more I wander, the more there is to wander about. And no need for a map or a plan – there will always be new directions to take.

To learn more about the Nouveau Flâneur and Keit’s research, stay tuned for the upcoming MAIM 2015 Degree Show, taking place at Central Saint Martins in the week starting on the 23rd of June.