The Nouveau Flâneur: I bring you marvels… from your backyard

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Following the exploration of the Morphogenesis, the next two weeks will feature the different facets of our second Innovation Manager role: the Nouveau Flâneur. Here you will learn about curiosity and chance as catalysts for innovation.

As a Nouveau Flâneur, I can be found wandering through the endless streets of your urban jungle – or any type of jungle for that matter. My meandering is driven by my curiosity and exquisite flair for chance, which I believe to be a powerful catalyst for innovation. Embracing chance allows the Innovation Manager to generate unexpected connections between ideas, discoveries, and people. Some relate this to abductive logic – the ability to draw patterns and make connections with seemingly different elements encountered by the practitioner.

The term ‘Flâneur’ derived from France, used from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, to qualify a poised, yet relaxed man who wandered the streets of Paris. Soon becoming a literary figure intertwined with a hint of romanticism, he was known as a man of leisure and a connoisseur of the street. The ‘Flâneur experience’ of the world is unique – it is non-directed, unplanned, and celebrates an open mindset. As a result, I play a key role in understanding, participating in, and portraying the world I explore.

My lack of specific aim transforms a random journey into an uncovered path, full of surprises and opportunities for innovation. I don’t just see with different eyes, I approach and experience the world with a different attitude, one that leaves the door open for chance and brisk instance of magic.

Stay tuned to explore more about the Nouveau Flâneur as an Innovation Manager, as members of the MAIM 2015 class share their individual perspectives of this role in the following weeks.