The Morphogenesis: I morph for you

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To kick-start our exploration of the 5 future Innovation Manager roles, the following two weeks will feature the Morphogenesis. Here you will learn about the Innovation Manager’s ability to weave in and out of various disciplines by embracing meaningful change and adaptation.

For us, innovation is more than just creating something different or new – it is about creating meaningful change for the people around us. In order to do this, it is essential for Innovation Managers to embody a culture of meaningful change and adaptation in our every day lives.

As the Morphogenesis, I have a malleable and fluid identity. This allows me to cross disciplines, break boundaries, and position myself at exciting collision points of innovation.

Deriving from the Greek word morphê (shape) and genesis (creation), my name translates to the origin of form. Morphogenesis is a fundamental aspect of developmental biology, and refers to the complex process of an organism taking its form, shape and structure.

My form however is liquid and constantly changing. I am dexterous in nature, and morph from one role to another according to the changes in the environment and the challenges I face. This gives me the ability to adapt and work across different sectors using my multi-disciplinary skills. My dynamic and agile pace makes the uncomfortable comfortable, giving a sense of familiarity in unfamiliar spaces.

The fact that I am constantly leaping across different worlds and mediating between them makes me a bridge between cultures. This allows for a holistic view on situations, and enables different approaches and perspectives when faced with challenges. As an Innovation Manager, I exploit my networks and social skills to connect various environments together for cross-pollination. This sparks new opportunities for innovation.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Morphogenesis as an Innovation Manager, as members of the MAIM 2015 class share their individual perspectives of this role in the following weeks.