The Future of Innovation Managers: our collective journey.

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MAIM class of 2015 is in the run for the Degree Show, which will take place at Central Saint Martins in the week starting on the 23rd of June. Here you can learn more about our journey.

For the past two years, the MAIM class of 2015 has been deeply immersed in the uncertain and turbulent journey towards the future. In our dynamic and liquid world, we have learnt that Innovation Managers must always be ahead of the changing game. We embrace risk and uncertainty, allowing us to explore provocative and uncomfortable areas where possibilities begin to unfold.
For some, the role of the Innovation Manager remains nebulous and unexplored. For us, it is a world of opportunities. In the lead up to our annual Degree Show, the MAIM class of 2015 investigated the various roles of Innovation Managers, shaped by our different backgrounds and experiences. However diverse these roles may be, we believe that Innovation Managers are always positioned on the edge of emerging paradigms, converting creative tensions into opportunities for innovation. We realised that in the future, job titles such as CEO and COO won’t be of much importance. New hires will no longer be recruited based on previous job titles but rather on their unique skill sets that can empower, delight, morph, disrupt and destroy traditional norms.

For the MAIM 2015 Degree Show, five innovation manager roles of the future have been designed to challenge the traditional understanding of what these practitioners do. Beyond its evocative names, each role has the unique ability to activate their network, synthesize the abstract, question fundamentals, maintain fluidity and destroy perfect plans. In the upcoming months, the MAIM class will share their individual dissertation findings in relation to one of the following five roles:

The Morphogenesis
The Nouveau Flâneur
The Phoenix
The Practivist
The Anti-solutioner


Stay tuned to learn more about these future Innovation Manager roles and the final MAIM 2015 Degree Show, taking place at Central Saint Martins in the week starting on the 23rd of June.